I had a couple of posts written and prepared to post, but after some serious thought and introspection, they’ll just have to wait. 

Common Sense

Feeling like crap today . . . and hoping that I don’t feel like crap later. 

Easter Sunday

Hope that you’ve all had a great Easter weekend! 

Growing Old

I got exactly one hour of decent sleep last night when I was suddenly awakened. 

Frigid Musings

You know what I like?  Waking up after a decent rest and not having any place to go.

Sometimes Change is Good

Decided to change my site’s main image. As much as I love “The Asphalt Jungle,” it was time for a change. Might be the first of many – I haven’t decided yet. But I have decided that sometimes changes are a good thing and I should embrace a few. So, we’ll see how this goes.

A Tale of Two Orders

Things have been going pretty well for me.  Until they suddenly weren’t.