Frigid Musings

You know what I like?  Waking up after a decent rest and not having any place to go.

Sometimes Change is Good

Decided to change my site’s main image. As much as I love “The Asphalt Jungle,” it was time for a change. Might be the first of many – I haven’t decided yet. But I have decided that sometimes changes are a good thing and I should embrace a few. So, we’ll see how this goes.

A Tale of Two Orders

Things have been going pretty well for me.  Until they suddenly weren’t. 

Omnia Mutantur

It’s been a little more than a month since I’ve been back here; it’s time to start a new post for a New Year.

Taco Therapy

The Little Woman is going through a very dark period right now, and despite protestations that she’s “all right,” I can tell when things aren’t going well at all. I can’t do much for her, given the current situation, and after a while, even listening seems to be a bit futile – I mean, you…

The Case for Home Ownership

Bad mood tonight, so I’m hoping that writing a few words might help me cool off. So . . . where exactly do I begin?

Veteran’s Day

A very late nod to my fellow veterans on what little bit of Veteran’s Day that remains. I love mentioning that I’m a vet, chiefly because for so many years that one little fact effectively defined my life. There are few people who enter my orbit that don’t know of my veteran status, and if…


Happy Halloween! It’s been a month, but a busy one, since my last post. Looking at my page, it seems I have over thirty (!) draft posts that were started, but never finished, or finished, but never posted. I’m thinking that at least three of those were from the last month, and while it would…