Mead News

After several months of indecisiveness, I opted to start yet another batch of mead.  This new batch will be a repeat of my original mixed berry mead.  While I had reasonably good results with other flavors, this version seems to be the most popular and the easiest – sometimes it just makes sense to stick with what you know best, I guess.

This batch will, like before, measure about one US gallon.  That translates into about 10 to 12 twelve ounce bottles.  Not much, given the amount of time and work that’ll go into making it, but I don’t care.  I had a half-gallon container of wildflower honey and it was either let the stuff crystalize or use it, and since I had everything I needed on hand, I went with the latter rather than the former.

Blogging about mead is difficult because after the intial seven to ten days, little happens that’s worth reporting.  You just sit . . . and wait. I’ve not yet added the fruits; that’ll happen on Monday or Tuesday, so right now all I have is pure honey must.  After Tuesday, the cask will sit in the basement, occasionally being agitated.  The real work won’t take place until Labor Day, and that’s when I transfer it to the carboy for aging. 

So . . . that’s the big news.  Started a new wine; nothing to see until September.


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