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A quick update on the Digby mead:

In the two weeks since it was put into the carboy, the mead has been doing its thing.  Because I had more than a gallon, I constructed a makeshift carboy for the overflow.  I took a 1 liter plastic bottle and cut a hole in the cap.  Then, after fitting an airlock in there, I taped up the space to cut back on oxidation.  This small amount of mead – about 2/3ds of a liter – is aging better than I thought it would.  In the past, excess must would turn very dry because of the lack of air.  Another small container never managed to mature at all – it remained “honey water.”  But this small bottle seems to do the trick.

It has cleared up significantly, and has a rich, golden brownish color.  The sediment that once clouded the mixture, has fallen to the bottom and has a pinkish type color.  It has an interesting aroma, but I’ve not yet opened it for a sample – maybe this weekend.  If the original recipe is to be believed, this is essentially done – my aging the mixture is my thing.  Frankly, I think it’s good to let it age, but I guess that I don’t have to do so.  That’s good in the event that I choose to sample some over the Thanksgiving holiday, but that’s just a thought.

It was when I discussed it with a friend that I realized just how much I was going on about this particular mead; I felt so foolish that I immediately apologized.  He understood, but . . .  The truth is that while I enjoy trying out old recipes, this is the first that I can recall that was taken up completely from scratch.  I’ve made cakes and main dishes from vintage cookbooks and used the proper ingredients, but this was the first time that I went out of my way to ensure that everything was accurate.  The only inaccuracy, as far as I can see, is in the use of a glass carboy – but from the perspective of ingredients, this mead is 100% correct to those used in 1650.  That’s a big deal to me!  To finally be in a position to try a food and say, “Gee, this is just how it must have tasted to Sir Kenneth!” is exciting to me.

Yes, as painful as it is to own up to it, I have to confess:  I’m a nerd.


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