A Cordially Made Cordial

Previously, I mentioned creating some dish from the recipes mentioned in Sandra Sherman’s Fresh From the Past: Recipes and Revelations from Moll Flanders’ Kitchen (Taylor Trade, 2004).  Well, I’ve settled on where I want to begin.

Sherman reprints a recipe from William Ellis’ Country Housewife’s Family Companion (1750), called “Rich Family Cordial with Black-Cherries, Mulberries, and Blackberries.”  Essentially, this is a brandy drink with any of several different types of berries and cherries and she includes the original and updated versions of the mix.  Apparently, it went over quite well with the author and her friends.  The modernized version requires two cups of fruit, but given that blackberries are expensive (12 oz/$4), and that I don’t drink, I wasn’t about to invest a lot into this concoction.  (For the record, The Little Woman loves brandy, and will be the beneficiary of my culinary efforts.)

The only problem?  The mixture needs to sit for three weeks before it’s ready.  That’s not bad, I suppose, given how the 1750 version required drinkers to wait over three months.

I do have, however, a simple question.  To wit: I wonder how this would turn our if I used mixed berries, rather than a single type?

Hmmm . . .

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