December 26th

Another Christmas is in the history books.

Since I do all of the cooking, the Christmas meal was tailored towards my tastes, which are generally traditional.  There was the spiral cut ham, for example, along with mashed potatoes, whole kernel corn, and a small green bean casserole.  I happened to have a couple of sweet potatoes, so I sliced and then fried them (candied yams should be considered a crime against humanity), and I made a rather large pan of dressing (based on my mother’s recipe).  There were dinner rolls and cranberry sauce (I love the stuff), and for dessert, I made a German chocolate pie, chocolate chip cookie bars, and sugar cookies (that sadly, did not survive for long).  Oh . . . did I mention that all of this was for just the two of us?  I’ve given away some, but seriously – this was our dinner, not one for the masses (i.e., families).  That’s a lot of food . . .

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn other news, the Ellis Cordial is chilling in the refrigerator; I expect to report (or rather, report The Little Woman’s opinion) on it in a little more than two weeks.  I know that I questioned using other berries, but this inaugural attempt was done solely with a carton of blackberries that I found at Target.  They were “fresh” berries (in the sense that they were not frozen), but not organic; that might affect the final result, so I’ll need to remember that little tidbit should I make another batch.

On that note, we’re also planning to sample our various meads that are aging in the basement.  Haven’t done that in over a month, so that should be fun.  I’m also giving thought to making a correct Digby Mead, but that’ll have to wait until after next week (at the earliest).  I’m also looking forward to writing on this blog about topics other than alcohol!  I’d never intended this to turn into a “food and drink” type of outlet, but it has; at the very least, then, I should do more than “I made this,” or “I made that.”  Maybe I’ll even post a few of my recipes . . .

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