Setting A Stage

RivertownOkay, seriously – this just blew my mind.

The Rivertown Inn in Stillwater, Minnesota, is a literary themed bed and breakfast.  Their website boasts a number of rooms, all thematically arranged for a selected author (or authoress).  The photo on the right, for example, is from their “Agatha Christie” room, and it’s done up to resemble a coach room on the Orient Express.  Other photos (on the site) are equally impressive, as are the other rooms.  (Yes, I lifted the photo from their site, but it’s to show the place off – honest!)

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and a fantastic idea!  The rooms, especially this one, are pricey, which means I’ll likely never get the opportunity to spend the weekend here with the Little Woman.  But the idea of creating an entire room tailored to reflect a literary environment – that’s something we might attempt in our home.  Of course, we’ll likely differ on which author to select, but it may be fun (if not costly) to try.  It’s not much of a leap from the idea of a themed meal, when you think about it.


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