Yuck . . . Taste This!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAh, winter.  For most of the last week, we’ve been sans snow.  Now, it seems like that’s all we’re getting.  I have a theory about snow: Before December 25, snow is loved, welcomed, and enjoyed.  Starting December 26, however, it becomes annoying, troubling, and a pain.

On to the important stuff . . .

The Digby mead is officially a wash as today’s taste test demonstrated that it is too watery to salvage.  The Little Woman argues that I should let it continue to age, but I fear that nothing is going to change.  The choice now is to either abandon the project in its entirety, or start anew.  I’ll have to think about this.  It may just be best (and cheaper) to stick with what I know, rather thanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA trying to experiment.

That said, the traditional berry mead is fine, maybe too much so – the Little Woman says it has a good flavor with a bit of a “kick.”  She likes it, but like the batch made last year, feel that its one to be consumed in serious moderation.  I’ve tried both, and she’s absolutely correct – the berry is strong and the Digby is horrible.

If anything, these taste tests have me itching to try the Ellis Cordial, but there are at least 13 days before that’s “ready.”


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