Tasting the Ellis Cordial

Today was the day to test the Ellis cordial.  The details are here, but I figured that I’d post the results.

In short, it was better than I’d anticipated.  The brandy has a berry color and because of the added sugar, has a very sweet berry taste.  What surprised me the most is that, for a non-drinker like me, the cordial was very smooth and delicious.  The Little Woman went totally ga-ga over this, so it’s keeper.  Granted, I didn’t try a full glass, but what I did sample was quite good, and I can see making a larger quantity in a few months for after dinner relaxation come this spring and summer.

I’m still curious about what this would taste like using either a different berry (raspberries come to mind), or mixed berries (and I’ve got a bag of blackberries/raspberries/strawberries sitting in the freezer as I type).  In that respect, the experiment continues . . .


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