Drinks and Glasses

The Ellis cordial now belongs to the ages.  The Little Lady consumed the last of it with gusto, then promptly turned to me and ask for more.

So, I made a new batch but this time I made a significant change: I used a bag of frozen mixed berries, rather than fresh blackberries.  The only concern I have is that the excess water (the fruit was thawed, but not thoroughly) might affect the overall taste.  I’m tempted to make another batch – using my original version of fresh blackberries – as a “control” sample to test other variations against.  I’m not crazy about tropical fruits, but I am curious about a banana (or mango) version of this drink, ‘tho I don’t know why.

I’ve been trying to find a vintage bread recipe, but have been rolling snake-eyes at every turn.  Bread recipes are difficult to find, which supports the contention that they were so well known that no one needed to write them down.  I have some recipes that are close to what I want, but nothing that’s truly accurate.  No matter; I’m going to pour over my books this weekend in hopes of finding a reasonably easy bread to make.  Something 15th century, please . . .

In other news, I need new spectacles, and what should have been a simple two hour endeavor has turned into a two week nightmare.  And you know what?  After all of the store visits, phone calls, and yelling – I still don’t have a new pair of glasses.  Apparently, it’s very popular to sport vintage style eyewear, which doesn’t surprise me given how so many people I see now are dressing as if they’ve escaped from a bad episode of Mad Men.  I’ve seen a number of young guys with horn-rimmed style glasses, which cracks me up because I used to wear a pair some twenty years ago.  Still have them, although now they’re a pair of sunglasses with an outdated prescription.  I’d wanted a new pair, but I’m not too keen on being seen as a “follower,” so I’ve been looking at other styles.  I did find what I wanted yesterday, unfortunately it was while I was on the tail-end of visiting another city; their exam clinic was closed for the day.  But for the fact that there’s a fresh blanket of snow out there (which I hate driving in), I’d renew my search today.  Oh well . . .

I could solve my problems with a visit to an optometrist at a nearby mall.  See, there’s also Crate and Barrel store there, and I could get my eyes checked and shop at the same time.  My last visit exposed me to some woodenware that’s very similar to something used around 1650 that I’d like to examine more closely.  They’ve also got some very nice (and expensive) cordial glasses.  Maybe one or two for sipping, perhaps?


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