Vintage Cookery Week?

Last week, I got a chance to visit a local antiques mall.  I used to shop there quite a bit – I like to collect ephemera and different types of food packaging – and one day I realized that I had far too much stuff that wasn’t being used or viewed.  So I stopped going.

This visit was “out of the blue,” because I was just bored.  I figured that I’d look around, see a lot of the same stuff that I’d seen during my last visit, and then I’d quietly slip on out.  No such luck.  I stopped at one vendor and noticed a selection of vintage cookbooks, cooking manuals, and cooking leaflets, and decided to take a look.  In the end, I walked out with a couple of those leaflets, one from 1914 and the other from about 1920.  I also managed to get a set of typed pages from a 1939 home economics course.  The subject was on Christmas cookies, and it too, came with recipes.

What this mini-haul did was to give me some ideas about what I might want to do in the kitchen.  To wit, something that I’d toyed with in the past, but never bothered to pursue beyond my little thought-bubble: namely, making a vintage entre dish per day for a whole week.  I have an interest (in case you’ve missed it) in some rather obscure historical periods, but I’m thinking of mixing it up a bit – a 19th century dish one day followed by a 1960’s dish the next.  The only “rules” is that it’ll have to be an actual recipe and preferably something to which anyone would have had access.

The idea intrigues me, and I’ll have to think further on it to iron out my criteria, but I’m thinking that short of any problems, I may just do this at some point in March.

It’d be really cool to post photos et al., too – this idea is actually sounding better the more I think on it.

Now, I just need to thumb through the source material . . .


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