Mr. Darcy’s Munchies

A fortuitous visit to Sur la Table netted me some nice goodies.

I was looking for a pan to make madeleines for the Little Woman.  She’s a huge fan of the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, and has talked of having her own private P&P day.  I figured that it’d be cool to make some madeleines for her “day of relaxation,” but I couldn’t find a pan.  Well, Sur la Table corrected that for me.  It was more than I’d wanted to spend, but it’s what I needed, so that was that.  Now, she can have the proper snack to go with her tea.

(As a side note, years ago I had a co-worker and friend who loved P&P.  She actually threw a themed party with tea, Regency-era style treats, games, and even a dance.  I don’t think that she was totally pleased with how it all turned out, but she was glad that she did it.)

But then I noticed the Sur la Table clearance area and I found several other baking pans that I can put to use.  Pans that were going for $20 were now just $4, so I cleaned up.  I only wish I’d found all of this stuff a few weeks ago when I was off for the semester break . . .

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