Stuffed Biscuits, 1972

A long time ago – the autumn of 1972, to be exact, my elementary class went to the circus.  We were gone nearly the entire day and the only thing that those teachers thought to bring for three dozen or so first and second-graders were the individual bags of M&Ms – no other food.  When…

A Sand Pebble

You might not be able to tell from the entries on this site, but I’ve interests other than food.  I love most vintage things, including movies and music.  On that note, I’m happy to report that I recently acquired the complete soundtrack recording to one of my all-time favorite films, now available from Intrada.

Assessing the Great Experiment

I thought that I could master that last vintage meal for March, but between the drama that is work and a few personal issues (including a really irritating visit to my doctor’s office – don’t ask), I wasn’t able to even put together a decent menu, let alone do any cooking.