Long Time, No See…Again

It’s been two months since my last post.  TWO. MONTHS.

Truth be told, it’s because I’ve really not cooked.  Oh, we eat.  But it’s been a good while since I’ve grabbed any of the cookbooks from my shelves and said, “Wow! Let’s eat that!”  Part of my culinary reluctance stems from my financial situation.  Summers are always bad, and this one may be one of the worst in a long time.  So far, so good, but I definitely don’t have the extra resources to fund my kitchen experiments.

Another reason: it’s just been too warm.  My home is one of those older places where once it gets hot on the inside, it’s hot.  Nothing short of a windstorm is going to cool it off, no matter how many windows I leave open.  (The same thing happens when it gets damp, but I digress.)  Whenever I plan to do some cooking, it mysteriously heats up inside, almost as if Fate is trying to keep me out of that room.  I don’t mind heat in the kitchen; it’s the rest of the house that gets me because one can notice it (big time) at night.  And thanks to the county, I have a light posted on the street right outside my bedroom window with a bulb that probably rivals the sun in its brightness – so I don’t need another reason to stay awake at night.  Ugh.

I will have a lot more freedom next week, so weather permitting, I’m hoping to get back into the saddle with this.  I might tackle another (better organized) project of cooking through a particular cookbook or looking at a particular year.  Maybe something themed; maybe not.


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