Damn Good Coffee

Coffee!Decided to hit the antique stores this weekend, and in doing so, I managed to find a few things that I’d been wanting but not making much of an effort to obtain.  Among these was a mid-century General Electric percolating coffee pot and a Pyrex coffee carafe (but not the burner or stand).

The percolator is in excellent condition, although I did clean it with CLR.  The electric cord is in great shape, the pot itself is very well maintained, the inside is relatively clean, and the whole thing works!  What really got me is the amount bakelite used on it.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I couldn’t find out much about this particular model, but I believe that it is pre-1963 due to the heavy use of bakelite and the lack of a ZIP Code on the address listed at the bottom.    It really doesn’t matter, I guess – I’m surprised to find an original in such great shape.  For years I’d considered buying a reproduction percolator sold at Target, but every time I visited the store, the price seemed to go up.  I’d pretty much abandoned the idea of getting one until yesterday, and given the price – a little more than $15 – it was a steal.

StrengthI put about a cup of CLR in the pot and about eight cups of water and then plugged it in.  After that, I let it brew plain water (two separate times) to clean it out, and followed that with a thorough soap and water washing.  I don’t think it could get much cleaner.

So how’d it work out? Well, first thing this morning I brewed a pot of coffee and it was pretty good.  The Little OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWoman claimed to detect a difference between the quality between this pot and our 2008 Sunbeam Coffee Maker, but I could not.  I did, however, detect a metalic flavor to my coffee, and that made me wonder if it was the use of the pot or the cleansing agent – I couldn’t get into the spout as well as I’d have liked – so I’m hoping that it was just my imagination.  The funny part, at least to me, is that I got to try my 1960s style coffee in my 1940 porcelain mug.  Now, if I had some Hills Brothers coffee (instead of Trader Joe’s), then it’d be perfect!

As to the carafe, this is nice.  It’s OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and judging by the design, it is probably late 1950s/early 1960s, so it’s contemporary to the percolator.  I’ve come across a lot of these over the years; this weekend I saw a fantastic angular version that looked like something from a sci-fi flick.  I liked this one for a number of reasons: the shape, its good condition, the bakelite handle and lid, and the fact that it’d be easier for me to store at home.  It also didn’t hurt that the carafe was under $5.  I’ve now got an eye out for a stand and burner tray, but I doubt that I’ll find one.  That’s okay.  We intend to use it in the refrigerator anyway, as we don’t always drink a full pot of coffee in the morning, and the Little Woman likes to take the excess and make iced coffee drinks at night.

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    1. Doc Furious says:

      Thanks! I was surprised at how well-maintained they were. I’ve read that you can clean percolators with water and vinegar; I might try that to remove that metalic taste. Unfortunately, they don’t make the cleaning solution for these pots anymore . . .

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