I’ve been feeling kind of crappy.

I’ve somehow managed to injure my neck . . . while asleep.  I heard some grinding noises one night as I turned from one side of the pillow over to the other, but didn’t think much of it.  I heard those same noises last night and then got a little scared.  Work up to a stiff neck that gradually began to hurt.  I can’t really tell if there’s any impact to my range of motion because that wasn’t great before this happened.

I’m allowing that something happened, but I’m also allowing that there’s a bit of a reaction on my end.  This could be minor and my recent lack of sleep, the heat, and general stress all conspired to do this.  Or, I could believe that I’m not well and let my mind run off with a host of bizarre and outrageous conclusions that have also resulted in this pain.  I just don’t know.  Unfortunately, unless I hit up the ER, I’m not going to know anytime soon, either, as my schedule is packed – almost horrifically so – for the next three weeks.

There’s a part of me that just wants to laugh right now.  Sometimes when one seems put upon, that’s all one can do.

Oh well . . . I was hoping to do some kitchen time this weekend.  Hopefully, this pain (and Nature) will co-operate with me for a while.  I’d really like to try those croquettes again, but to maybe bake them as I’d like to cut back on the fat . . .


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