Looking Ahead

Well, 2013 is nearly over, and yet another year is upon us. 

I don’t normally get into the habit of forecasting for an approaching year; there are too many variables that often spring up and lead to disappointment.  In truth, I just like to play things by ear – if they’re going to happen, well, then they’ll happen.

That said, I’ve been using my down time to think about things that I might actually want to do.  One of those things is to attempt another round of vintage dinners.

When I undertook that project earlier this year, I was surprised at how easy and how frustrating cooking from a vintage cookbook could be.  Ultimately, it was fulfilling, even though I had to abandon the project some weeks into it.  I enjoyed creating the menus, tracking down period-authentic ingredients, and piecing together a dinner that was as close as one could come to those of an earlier age.

I always felt that what hurt me in the project (besides the lack of time) was my insistence that everything had to be done in “period” fashion.  Well, not anymore.  A meatloaf made from a 1956 recipe won’t taste any different if it rests on my 1995 dinner plate, and the 1947 virgin cocktail won’t taste any better if it isn’t served in a 1948 glass.  The goal will be to recreate the recipes, not the ambiance.

So one of the anticipated goals of 2014 is to revisit some of those old cookbooks and craft some interesting and tasty meals.  Hopefully, it’ll be a lot of fun . . .


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