He Lives!

Hi Gang,

Long time, no write, eh?

I wish I had a good reason for not having posted in a while – or rather, a reason with which I could feel comfortable.  I’d love to say that I was off adventuring or fighting with non-endangered lions in some manly corner of the globe, but the truth is I just didn’t have much to say.  It’s been a rough year – managing classes and preparing for tenure can be taxing.  Especially when compounded by a host of family related issues – don’t ask – and periodic bouts of bad health.

I think, however, I can adequately summarize things since my last post:  In terms of cooking, I’ve done nothing spectacular since early summer.  Oh, I cooked for Thanksgiving, and will likely do the same for Christmas, but I made no new dishes and conducted no culinary experiments.  I’d hoped to try out the French cookbook I mentioned in August, but it’s still sitting on the shelf and gathering dust – as are the countless other cookbooks I have on my shelf.  I may have to rectify that this month, if only to get out of the monotonous routine that I’m starting to develop.

I have, however, been more willing to experiment with sewing.  Yes – I sew.  It started about fifteen years ago, and periodically I break out the Brother sewing machine to see what I can screw up next.  You see, I sew, but no where in that did you hear me say that I was good at it.  To be fair, I do little things that interest me.  I’ve made some clothing, but until a couple of years ago, nothing of note.  Nowadays it seems as if all I make are costumes – I’ve been trying for quite some time to create a screen-perfect tunic for Star Trek (TOS), as well as a couple of random items from the various movies.  I started work on an admiral’s uniform (that was complete crap), and hope to find the time – possibly this summer – to revisit the project and do it correctly.  I have nearly all of the patterns available, so you’d think that I could make something that would work, right?

So, in short, 2014 was a decent year for me, if not a generally safe one.  I’m not someone who chases down risk, but I’m starting to feel as though I need to get off my butt more than I have been, especially now that I’m getting older.  With the holiday break, maybe I can make a few changes or accomplish something – that’s my goal anyway.  And (as always), I hope to put forth some more time into this site!


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