Pen to Paper?

I’ve been seriously considering trying my hand at writing.  I’ve written before – even published – but I’m thinking about something entirely different. 

I used to have this idea in my head that one day I would write a fictionalized autobiography dealing with my military service.  Everything in the story (at least as I envisioned it) was true, but since I wasn’t present at every moment, I figured that fiction would give me some wiggle-room.  It was going to be the next M*A*S*H, or so I thought, and the acclaim (and wealth) would just overwhelm me.

Then Desert Storm happened and I reasoned that no one was interested in reading a self-indulgent pseudo-memoir about military hijinx when there were kids coming home with real combat wounds and injuries.  It wasn’t that it didn’t seem prudent; it just seemed wrong.  So, I let it go.

I did have a great story idea about revenge, but . . . there was no way to make the protagonist heroic (the story was about revenge, after all), and since the tale had its roots in a real incident, there’s no way that I’d wanted the reader to cheer for the “victim.”  So that, too, got pushed aside.

Now, however, I’m leaning towards science fiction.  I think that there’s something remotely interesting that I could do, but I don’t know.  I don’t want to publish it, but I’m thinking that maybe it would be interesting to create a site and “report” the story – first person – as a series of blog entries.  It has possibilities, but is it worth it?

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