Mad Men

Sunday starts the final episodes of AMC‘s now-legendary series, Mad Men.

Even though I’d given up on the show about a season ago (I mean, really – did any of the characters really change?) I’m still sad to see it go, especially since I was such a huge fan when it began.  Mad Men reminded me of how cool the Sixties actually looked.  That was truly our last stylish decade; it’s been all downhill ever since.

I actually considered redoing my office so that I could create a truly 1960s look.  I’d planned to bring in vintage office furniture, a rug, and even a credenza (to go along with the martini glasses, bakelite ashtrays, and packs of Philip Morris cigarettes already there), but stopped when I realized that my position (at the time) was not permanent.  I’d have hated to have hunted everything down, carted it all to my office, and then be given the brush-off for budgetary reasons.  Yeah, that would have sucked.

But that’s no longer a concern (for the time being), and I’m starting to give the idea another look.  Maybe, at the very least, I can convince my co-workers to participate in a “Mad Men Friday” or something.  It’s worth a thought, eh?



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