Be Cool, Man. Just Be Cool.

Remember my earlier complaint about the USPS?  Well, it seems that I may need to apologize.  Checked with the seller of the book I purchased and while they sent me a tracking number and told me that the book was shipped June 24, in truth, nothing happened until this morning – June 29.  Now, where I come from, telling someone that the merchandise is en route when it hasn’t even left the building is known as a “lie.”  And believe me, once I get this book and no longer need anything from the seller, I will state as much in their reviews.  But I figured I should man-up and point out that USPS wasn’t at fault.  They couldn’t update anything because they hadn’t been given anything.

If USPS is accurate (ahem), then I won’t even get the book until July 6 – a thirteen day trek from Omaha that I could have done round-trip by car in 48 hours.  (Why, O Nature?  Why are you trying to get me to snap?  What have I done to you?) 

So . . . sorry USPS.  I still wish that you guys would update your darn tracking system so that we knew where our packages were, but in this instance, you’re in the clear.


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