It’s Thanksgiving (at least in the US), and I am not going to do what everyone else seems to have been doing today.

Specifically, I’m not going to come online and make some long list of the things for which I’m thankful just because today is Thanksgiving.

This isn’t me being combative or being ungrateful.  Rather, it’s because I like to express my thanks on a daily (or as close to ‘daily’ as I can) basis.  The idea of picking out one day on which to acknowledge the good things in my life just doesn’t cut it for me.  I say ‘thanks’ when I awake and just before I go to bed.  That’s no slam against others who don’t do or believe what I do; follow and be true to your own path.  But as for me, I am appreciative each and every moment for what I’ve been given, whether we’re talking people, work, experiences, or possessions.

I’ve been blessed – I hope that you have, too.


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