Star Trek Costumes, pt. 2

Remember this?  Well, two unexpected and unrelated things occurred today and . . . well, read on.

Despite the fact that Star Trek Costumes was released in mid-October, until today I had yet to inspect it.  Oh, I’d seen a couple of copies here and there, but they were shrink-wrapped, and I am not going to rip off that plastic to satisfy my temporary curiosity.

Besides, I hate when people do that, but I digress . . .

While visiting Barnes and Noble, there was a copy sans-wrap, so I took a gander and it’s pretty much what I’d expected – a decent selection of general costume photos.  Short on details, long on context.  If anything, the troubling part is just how random the selection was – one from this episode, one from that movie; nothing that gave the impression that they were related to one another.  Having said this, I was quite pleased with what I saw, even if I wasn’t so enamored that I was willing to drop $60 USD for it.

That’s where the second incident comes into play.  Once home, I started looking online for a few things.  This, in turn, took me to Amazon, and – for giggles – I decided to see if the book had benefited from Amazon’s grand Black Friday event.  It did – to the tune of almost $10!  The book, which Amazon discounted to $39.95, is temporarily down to just $30.  That, to me, is far more reasonable than the original asking price.  But here’s the kicker – there’s an additional discount of $9.95!  Had I been able to justify an additional $5 purchase, I could have gotten shipping for free, but that wasn’t a big deal.  Here’s the funny part, with all of the discounts factored in, as well as tax and $5 shipping, the order came just under $27.50.

I was never much of a Black Friday person, but this has changed my mindset.  I mean, last year, I managed to acquire another book in much the same fashion – expensive tome that suddenly dropped to affordability.  These things don’t normally happen to me.

I should have the book in a few days.  Maybe then I can post a legitimate review of it.


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