A few things of note:

  • We are now two weeks outside of Christmas, but based solely on the weather, you’d have a hard time believing it.  Temperatures this week are above normal – almost late autumn-like.  Certainly nothing to suggest that this is December or that we’re about a month away (if that long) from a paralyzing seasonal snow storm.
  • Strangely enough, despite having spent a small fortune on Star Wars related products, I am not interested in seeing the movie, despite the fact that it is less than a week away.  Given the “new” trailers that Disney keeps putting out there, there can’t be that much left to see, can there?  I’ve never seen a film – and a big-budget blockbuster, no less – that’s so willing to post so hefty percentage of the film online (via trailers) before its release.
  • I know I promised to take a shot at book reviews, but I don’t know if anyone’s read the one I put up.  Which makes it all the more bizarre that I’m thinking about doing a separate blog just on books that I’ve read. I don’t know why I want to do that; I have a hard enough time in trying to keep up with this site.
  • Trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but that’s not happening.  Don’t know why, either, especially since Christmas was, a long time ago, my favorite holiday.  Haven’t even bothered to pull the tree out of the basement or decorate.  It’s just not hitting me this year as it had in years past.  Maybe with things the way they are, I just don’t have it in me.

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