Happy 2016!

Now let the nonsense begin . . .

Hopefully, you’ve had a peaceful, enjoyable, and fulfilling last two weeks.  With Christmas and New Year’s Day both memories, I hope that this year is the year that you get things done, get to where you want to go, and get to be who you feel you should be.  In short, I hope that this is a good year for you all.

I was prepared to write a lengthy complaint about a couple of things that took place this weekend.  When I finished, I had second thoughts, mainly because I couldn’t answer one key question:  Why?

Why pick up where I left off with 2015 – complaining and being dissatisfied?  I’ve been doing quite well in 2016 (thank you, very much), so why keep revisiting a place that does me no good and profits me nothing?

I’ve decided that, God willing, I want to accomplish some personal goals this year.  I want to do some modest traveling – Kansas City, to be specific, as there’s a museum there I’ve wanted to visit.  Believe it or not, after all of the years we’ve been together, the Little Woman and I have never taken a vacation.  We couldn’t afford it.  Well, I figure that it’s now or never, so KC, here we come.

I also want to knock out a few bills and get my economic house in order.  I want to have a savings account, something I haven’t had in almost a decade.  I’m at an age where it’s going to be much harder to start anew, so I should have some cushioning, if that were to happen.

These aren’t resolutions; these are goals.  Hopefully, they’ll come to fruition.


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