Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

You may recall that I had problems with the US Postal Service a while back.

Well, they’re up to their old antics, it seems.  I recently ordered some merchandise online, and after payment, I was sent a tracking number.  Why do we have these things?  What purpose do they serve?  Obviously, this is just a gimmick that the USPS uses for laughs, because at least half of the packages I’ve received numbers for were never updated.  Seriously, what’s the purpose of being able to track the location of a package if – ifthey refuse to update the data?  When I check the USPS Tracking Page, it tells me that my package was received by the USPS station on January 11.  That was Monday; today is Friday.

Package status has not changed.

I’m not impatient, but I do adjust my schedule so that I can be present when the occasional package is delivered.  I’ve had mail stolen in the past, and it is not fun.  So when I get a tracking number, I use it.  I don’t appreciate having to guess or estimate (not to mention, cancel plans) all because someone at the USPS isn’t interested in doing their job.

This is so not cool, USPS.

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