Collecting the Force

Spent the better part of today battling snow and crowds in my continuing search for things that I have no business seeking.  Specifically, I’m trying to complete my collection of the Star Wars Titanium Black Box Series from Hasbro.  For those not familiar, this is a collection of (currently) 28 different ships and vehicles as seen in the seven Star Wars films.  They’re die-cast and well done, but they’re hard as heck to locate.  Check that – they’re not hard to find if you don’t mind seeing the same models at every store you visit.

These are numbered 1 through 28, and I’ve got about one-half of the collection.  I’m probably more fortunate than some because I’ve been able to chance upon two or three of the rarer vehicles, so I’ve purchased them in hopes that they might be a decent investment at some point.  (Not enough to retire on, mind you, but something a little more than the five dollars each that these run.)

My problem is that I sense that Hasbro went gung-ho on the first dozen vehicle models and then scaled back on those coming later.  I mean, I can find (rather easily) the ships or vehicles numbered 1 through 8, with a few 12s and 13s tossed in for good measure.  What I cannot find are those vehicles numbered 18 to 25 – you know, the good stuff.  Worse, I’ve been noticing that the nicer the neighborhood store, the more likely they are to have some of the rarer editions.  I don’t know that this is deliberate, but it does seem mighty fishy (I’m looking at you, Walmart), since I’ve noticed this with other, non-Star Wars products as well.

I say that I have no business collecting these because I really don’t have the disposable cash for this sort of thing right now.  They’re only five dollars each, but still – that starts to add up when I’m lucky to find a few of the ships or vehicles that I currently don’t have.

The hunt will go on, I suppose, but it’s becoming obvious to me that there will be gaps in my collection.  That’s sad because I’m really loving these toys.  Oh well, I suppose that I could – if necessary – pay the inflated prices I’ve seen on Ebay.  But honestly, I want to delay that for as long as I can.

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