Taking a Big Risk?

I mentioned my Jane Austen idea to a colleague and it turns out that someone else is doing something very similar at another school.  This, of course, piqued my interest, and what started out as a random though may find itself become a full blown, legitimate event.  I may just go ahead and map out…

A New Favorite

Today is the first day in a while where I genuinely feel good.  Minor pain and discomfort, but nothing significant, and I’m very thankful for that. 

A New Look – Again

I think I’m done with my changes. I wanted a film noir look, and this new theme gives it to me, to a point, I guess.  The photo from The Asphalt Jungle (1951), one of my favorite film noir movies, certainly helps. The last change was over a year ago, and it was about time…

New changes abound!

I’m looking for a suitable theme for the blog, so as they say, “Please pardon my dust.”  I’ve had this one for about a year or so; I have one in mind, but I need to test it out before unveiling it to an unsuspecting world. You know how it is.

Game Night

On Tuesday, the Little Woman and I went to a gaming store.  Rather, I should say that I took the Little Woman to said store, since I was the one driving. The evening proved to be a lot more fun than I’d anticipated. 

And a Cup of Beer?

A couple of weeks ago, the Little Woman and I went to an area restaurant that features locally produced craft beer in its menu offerings.  I am not a drinker (of anything, including the meads I’ve made over the years), but the Little Woman is; she loved the place.  I loved the food, but had…

The Greatest Thing Ever

Need chopped veggies for your dish but aren’t interested in buying up the produce section at the local grocer’s?  Well, Birds Eye has something in the freezer section that you might want to check out. 


Another “Why didn’t I think of that before” chapter in my life, this time concerning dessert. 

Cleaning Up a Bit

Finally got rid of that Hobbies page.  No one was looking at it and frankly, what discussion I do pursue on the matter is on my other blog (which my not be long for this world, either). I do plan, however, to hang on to my section regarding books.  There are only two listed, but…


Update on my frozen existence: It started snowing outside this afternoon.  Snowing. The heat is on, and oh, does it feel good.  We might die in our sleep due to a questionable furnace, but we’ll die warm, I guess.

More Familial Love

  You know what’s more frustrating than not finding stuff?  Watching someone who’s wronged you continue to prosper.  I don’t mean that I wish ill on the person; I just wish they’d do right by me. A while back, I mentioned that I’d made a loan to a relative and that he’s failed to repay…

A Tasty Experiment

I love sweet potato pie. In truth, I love sweet potatoes in general.  But especially in a nice, warm, fresh pie.