You Don’t Say

I’ve got a sneaking feeling that I’ve been played.  I have an acquaintance who, I suspect, has been lying to me about some personal information.  I’m trying to figure out now how I should deal with this.

It’s hard to discuss this because I don’t want to commit myself to any interpretation until I have more facts.  I’ll just say that this person told me a tragic tale about a family member, and I now have reason to suspect that the story isn’t true.  My frustration is over the idea that, if this is indeed true, then there was no reason to misrepresent the situation; I was there to lend an ear, not insert myself into that family.  I see no reason to misrepresent what may (or may not) have happened.

If I’m correct and this person has lied to me, my gut feeling is that our association will come to an end.  I don’t think that I could trust a person who would lie about something so insignificant.

That said, I’m hoping that I’m wrong.  Time will tell, I guess.


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