Let’s Get Stupid, pt. 1

This post is for the lady who decided to use the on-ramp to the highway this morning.

You know who you are.  You also know what you did.

You see, I saw it all from the safety of the center lane.  I know that you saw that pickup truck and that luxury car in the right-hand lane.  You didn’t need Pythagoras to tell you that based upon your speed and angle of approach, you were going to make contact with one or both of those vehicles.  Yet, there you were – no change in speed; no attempt to slow down and let them pass.

All you had to do was to slow down.  I’m sure that the ten seconds it would have cost you to enter the lane properly would not have interfered with your day.  And yet, there you were, staring straight ahead and acting as if you couldn’t see the truck or the car.  I’ve got to say, though, that I really admired how you tried to wedge your way in between those two vehicles.  I mean, they had less than a full car length between them but you weren’t going to let that stop you now, were you?  Wow.

I’m only glad that common sense won out in the end.  You slowed down and let them both pass, so that’s good.  Although, not before you came within one foot of slamming into that car, eh?

Your foolishness nearly caused a pile up that would have likely injured or killed you and several others.  I hope that your need for speed was well-justified.


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  1. Kevin says:

    I can hear her saying “I see nothing, I see no one, I will just continue to drive.” Good luck everyone else!

    1. Doc Furious says:

      Honestly, I wish I’d been in a position to film what she did because my description cannot do it justice. Trust me when I say that there was NO WAY for her not to have seen (or calculated) the position of the other vehicles. She really thought that they were going to open up and let her in, or at least, she was willing to gamble that they would. And if she didn’t see them, then she really has no business being on the road.

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