More Familial Love


You know what’s more frustrating than not finding stuff?  Watching someone who’s wronged you continue to prosper.  I don’t mean that I wish ill on the person; I just wish they’d do right by me.
A while back, I mentioned that I’d made a loan to a relative and that he’s failed to repay it.  In the interim, he’s managed to gloat on Facebook about his recent acquisitions (including a car), a vacation, and a few other things (that all require money, something he’s repeatedly told me that he “does not have“).

Confront him, you say?  I have – more than once, in fact, and he’s made it clear that short of going to court, I’m just out of luck.  I’ve done the court thing once before; it was easy on paper, but a real pain in the ass in practice.  It’s not worth it, to be honest, so I silently fume while this relative lives the Life of Riley.  The funny part is that if he knew that I’d said (what little I have on the matter) something here, he’d totally freak out, and accuse me of all kinds of betrayal.  I have to chuckle about that.

My problem is in learning how to let go and move on.  That’s not an easy thing to learn.


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