And a Cup of Beer?

A couple of weeks ago, the Little Woman and I went to an area restaurant that features locally produced craft beer in its menu offerings.  I am not a drinker (of anything, including the meads I’ve made over the years), but the Little Woman is; she loved the place.  I loved the food, but had a bit of a headache because someone in the kitchen was a little too free with the beer.

I used to cook with beer – Budweiser, to be exact – when I was in my early twenties.  I wouldn’t so much as cook with it as I used to spray it on my hamburgers when I grilled.  Never thought to pour any in the actual mixture, but I may attempt that soon.  What this restaurant makes that really blew my mind, though, is their beer-seasoned meat loaf and beer seasoned mashed potatoes.  I knew that you could do that with the meat, but never heard of beer potatoes until we visited this place.

I need that recipe!  Those were easily some of the best restaurant served potatoes I’ve ever had, and I’m a huge fan of spuds.

Actually, I might get some craft beer at the end of the term and experiment.  I’m sure that I can come up with something that might work.


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