A New Favorite

Today is the first day in a while where I genuinely feel good.  Minor pain and discomfort, but nothing significant, and I’m very thankful for that.  One of the sites I follow is one called Rantings of an Amateur Chef His is an excellent site with a lot of fantastic recipes.  I usually just read his various offerings; the Little Woman can be a finicky eater and I’d rather not invest the time, effort, and money into a dinner or dish that might not meet with her approval.  Furthermore, I’ve cut back on “going all out” on a meal because I can’t buy ingredients in “human sized” portions.  The end result is that so often things go to waste, and I don’t like that.

So imagine my surprise to come across the Chef’s offering of Baked Teriyaki Chicken.  I don’t know what it was, but rather than reading and saying, “Interesting,” as I usually do, it was inspired to give this particular dish a try.  I realized that I had more than half of the ingredients already; it was just a matter of purchasing low sodium soy sauce (which I never use) and corn starch.  I was shaky on the ginger – I knew I had some but didn’t know what kind or how much.  (Turns out that it was crushed ginger, and it must be related to diamonds – very hard to grind down by hand!)

The only change I made to the recipe was out of necessity.  Where he states that one should use chicken thighs, I used breasts because that’s what I  had on hand and I wasn’t about to race back to the store.  In any case, the sauce was easy to assemble and baking the coated breasts was a breeze.  Served on white rice with a side of French cut green beans, this went over (as my mother would have said), “like gangbusters!”  This is definitely a keeper at my house, and I’ll be making more again soon.  In all seriousness, this strikes me as a decent summer dinner, too, for those days when it’s just too hot to otherwise cook.

Just passing on a recommendation for both the Teriyaki Chicken and the Ranting Chef.  Check out his site – you’ll like it!




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