Eight Pounds

You know, in reviewing my posts from the last week, it’s clear that my current illness dates back before Wednesday.  Heck, I’ve been sick all week and just didn’t connect the dots.  It was wet and cold today, and since I’m on the tail-end of whatever it is that’s going around, I decided to stay in.  Not going to risk a relapse when the end is so clearly near.  Trust me, this was not what I’d planned for this weekend, but if I can wake up tomorrow without the aches, pains, and discomforts I’ve had these last few days, then it will have all been worth it.

Actually, I’m surprised that I’m doing better at all, especially after Friday evening.  I won’t claim to having had a difficult or painful life, but man . . . I would not wish what I experienced on anyone, regardless of how much I disliked them.  That’s one experience that I’m not eager to ever repeat.

Good news is that I’ve lost eight pounds, though.  Gotta try to find something positive to make out of this, you know . . .

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