It’s Friday!

When I got into my car this morning, I noticed a small grayish-brown speck about eight inches from my face.  Now, I’ve been having my migraines again – painful ones, at that – and I didn’t necessarily take what was in front of me as actually being in front of me.  It was, after all, a speck.

Well, not really.  Turns out that it was a small spider – about half of the size of a small raindrop – and it was trying to scurry back up its thin strand of silk to its hiding place (which apparently, was somewhere within my visor).  As I started driving, it was clear that the little guy was freaking out, due either to the motion, the noise within the car, or me.  He raced frantically up the silk, then across the visor before trying to descend near the rear-view mirror.  When that didn’t work, he retraced his little steps and tried to descend again in front of me.  I’m not one who necessarily likes killing insects, and this little guy was no exception.  But it was getting hard for me to focus on the road and him, and in frustration, I blew a blast of air at him, hoping that he’d latch on to the windshield or something, and find someplace else to be.

Nope; he was determined to position himself right in front of my face.  Another blast of air, another defiant stand.  Okay, fine – you win, little spider.  When I finally hit a red light, I lowered my window for some air.  The spider, obviously satisfied with his statement, decided that this was the perfect time to withdraw.  Me, being equally satisfied, decided to help him with yet another blast of breath.  Out the window he went – he hung on to the door frame for about a block before the wind carried him off to some new adventure.

Lucky him.

*  *  *  *  *

I am finding myself getting more and more physically tired.  I thought that it was the remnants of my bout with the flu, but it’s more than that.  My headaches?  Wow.  It’s like someone stabbed me in the left side of my head.  After the initial sensation, it then felt like a slight electric charge went through my entire brain.  I thought that maybe it was connected to the way I slept; I knew something was off last night, but I couldn’t figure out what.  I thought I should eat this morning (something I rarely do) if only to stave off any afternoon headaches, but that may not have been a good idea.  Seriously – why is it that people add diced green, red, and yellow peppers to something and it suddenly becomes “Mexican”?  That’s what I had – “Mexican” eggs.  Anywhere else on the planet they’d be called, “Scrambled eggs with cheese and peppers,” but the placard here announced them as “Mexican.”  They were edible – all two pounds of them (I know that the lady behind the counter was trying to hook me up, but next time, please don’t) – but there was nothing Mexican about them.  I got two slices of bacon, too, because I wanted to make this a truly death-inducing breakfast.  Instead of the crispy / near-burnt slices that caught my eye, she gave me two of the most limp and flimsy slices on the tray.  Oh well – that’s why I don’t eat breakfast much.

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