Friendship and Food

On Friday, I received a surprise visit from one of my favorite former students.  She’s off attending graduate school and returned to the area for personal business; she thought enough of me to stop by and show her face.

I’m glad she did.  I am still not over what affected me at the start of the month.  Add to this, an increase in the frequency of these darn headaches and now, sudden sporadic weakness in my knee.  Health issues abound, it would seem, and I’m not a happy camper.  Friday was also the day I had to perform committee work at the university – not bad in general, but it was at the end of the day and I was already spent.  So the surprise of seeing someone whom I consider to be a friend was a welcomed treat.

I used to visit my former professors, until, of course, they started retiring, and soon there were few who even remembered me, let alone wanted to chat.  It’s a phase that all graduates tend to go through – not wanting to wait to go out into the world, and then immediately regretting doing so once you’re out the door.  In this case, however, it was truly just a, “Hey, how are you?” moment, and I appreciated it.  We got to catch up, to share some laughs, and some excessively hot potato chips.  It was fun, and I needed that, probably more than she did.

Now that the school term is winding down, my hope is – after final grading, that is – to spend some time messing around in the kitchen.  I love cooking, despite not having the time nor inclination to do it 24/7.  Yesterday, for example, I’d wanted to make hamburgers at home, but the Little Woman wanted to go out to a local restaurant.  I’m not keen on eating out, especially when there’s food at home, but she is, and if we’ve got the money (or in this case, if she’s got it), then I don’t mind as much.  Besides, the Little Woman asks for so little from me that it’s almost a crime for me not to give in on such a little point.

What that means, however, is that there will be burgers tonight.  That ground beef is not going to waste, not at $5/lb, it isn’t.  Baked French fries will sweeten the deal, so I don’t have to worry about the Little Woman crying foul (not that she would since she loves burgers).  The deal will become even sweeter when I surprise her tomorrow with a pizza from her favorite pizzeria.  After that, I’ll be able to do no wrong in her eyes.

But I am thinking about pulling a cookbook off the shelf and making the contents, from cover to cover, just to get into the kitchen and be creative this summer.  Something vintage?  I don’t know.  With a returning interest in visiting antique stores and vintage housewares, I’m leaning towards doing something from days past – using a 1970s cookbook, for example.  I’ve got a cooking series that was published in the late 1960s that I’ve been mulling over for just such a project, so maybe I’ll start there.  And unlike some of the other things I’ve done, I’ll be sure to include photos, if we do it.

I’ll have to think about this . . . and fill you in on what the plan is later.

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