Seeking My Creativity Groove

Since I had nothing better to do, I figured that I’d check my bookshelf for that vintage cooking series that I mentioned earlier.  At the very least, I could go through it and see if there was anything worth preparing.

Books AThe short answer is nope.  Nothing in them that I would cook, let alone eat, except on a dare.  The funny part is that notion alone makes it worth considering.

Before I go on, the series in question is from Good Housekeeping, and was published serial style in 1958.  There are at least fifteen (15) different volumes, of which I happen to own about half.  I picked these up at an antique store about four Books Byears ago – why, I have no idea – save for the fact that I was very interested in vintage-style cooking (see my earlier posts on the subject), and thought that I could incorporate something from these volumes into my plans.  As things go, once they made it to my home, they were promptly forgotten, and although I could see them sitting cozily on the bookshelf, I’d never thought to actually open them until now.

Wow.  Double-wow.

The examples in this series suggests that the people who lived in 1958 were either the craziest folks to inhabit the planet, or the most common-sense deprived.  Who eats this stuff?

TunaCase in point:  Tuna-Egg Curry.  Say that with me:  Tuna-Egg Curry.  This sounded so bizarre (and bad) that I’ve provided the actual page here for your review.  Frankly, I didn’t think that anyone would believe me if I told them about this.  It’s not horrific, certainly not in comparison to some of the other dishes offered in the cookbooks, but I’m baffled by the idea that someone thought – actually thought – that tuna and curry sounded nice in the same sentence, let alone a dish to be consumed.  By humans, no less.

My fall-back is my good-old Betty Crocker cookbook from the early 1960s.  Sure, it’s got some of the same nonsense within its pages, but it also has things that I like – such as meatloaf.  I realize that I’m probably going to end up with another series of Vintage Sundays, where I select and choose dinners from various cookbooks, not just one, but that’s not a problem for me.  I just want to do something beyond the routine stuff that I’ve been doing.

I’ve got to get my creativity groove back or else.

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