Friday’s Lament

It is Friday.  Enough said. 

The problem with that sentiment is that one is literally tossing their life away by constantly wishing that it were Friday.  This has not been a bad week, when all is said and done; at the very least, I’m still here.  But there’s some kind of joy and happiness in knowing that today is Friday.  I know why – I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  But isn’t that true of any day?  I don’t have to go in; I could call in sick or take a vacation day.  So why is Friday so special?

Well, one thing that makes this Friday special is that I’m now two Fridays away from the end of my term.  This has been a fairly decent term.  I don’t know if I’m just used to things now (after nearly two decades), or if some of the changes I’ve made to these classes I’ve taught have actually worked.  I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth – I’m satisfied whatever the reason.

And get this – I’ve got no social complaint today!  No one cut me off on the highway, no one took my coffee from the barista by mistake.  Other than one of those darn headaches, I’ve got nothing of note to complain about.  This is so weird, I may not know how to act.  Wow.

On the cooking front, I’ve been looking through a variety of cookbooks, and honestly, I’m not impressed.  Nothing seems to be crying out to me, and that’s kind of a bummer.  The stuffed peppers were a hit (as I knew they would be), but that’s left me concerned that the rest of the weekend will be filled with nothing more than frozen pizza and hamburgers, and that’s no way to live.

There is baked chicken breast, and to be fair, that’s something that I’ve not made in a long, long time.  I prepare mine pretty much the same way my father prepared it:  Cleaned chicken breast that’s been coated in a light olive oil (he used vegetable oil), seasoned, and baked for about 45 minutes.  Nothing fancy, nothing big.  That, with potatoes, dinner rolls, and a vegetable of some sort, and I’m done.  I do, however, have a number of new seasoning blends that I’d really like to try, so maybe instead of the minimalist approach, I could try something interesting  with Turkish, Moroccan, or even German seasonings.  I could also bake my own bread, something I’ve done once in the last six months.

Or maybe forego the idea of baked chicken entirely, and make chicken curry.  Now that’s something that I’ve not had in a good while, too.  I use bottled sauces, despite the fact that there’s a good sized package of curry sitting in my cupboard.  With rice and some vegetable-to-be-determined-later, the only thing I’d need to do is go out and pick up some naan.  My only problem here is that we’ve just had rice, so I don’t know if I want more so soon.  Still, you’ve got to admit that it sounds tasty.

Then I could go old-school and make a dish from my high school cafeteria:  Diced chicken breast in gravy with mashed potatoes.  The school actually did this with diced turkey, but chicken’s a decent substitute.  Dice a pair of chicken breasts, brown them, add a poultry gravy and add mashed potatoes.  Pretty simple – that’s why the school did it – and it’s not bad.

If you’re noticing a chicken theme here, it’s because I have a bag of skinless chicken breasts in the freezer that I need to use so that I can reclaim my freezer space.  I read an article once that urged readers that when it came to food, they should use what they had on hand rather than rushing out to buy more, so this is that philosophy in action.  Chicken, it is!

I guess that I was wrong.  There are a number of possibilities for this weekend.  I’m thinking that my issue is in figuring out which of my choices I want to make . . .

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