Who Ya Gonna Call?

As strange (or not-so-strange) as this might sound, I have to confess that I was never a fan of the original Ghostbusters film or it’s sequel.  I could go on in detail – as I have in person as I combat the GB fan army – but I won’t.  I respect the fact that Mattelthe film has a tremendous fan base, that they’ve been trying to get a new Ghostbusters film made for nearly three decades, and that many (but clearly, not all) are eagerly awaiting the new incarnation of the story, slated to hit theaters later this summer.

Can’t really say where my dislike began – the annoying repetition of the theme song on the radio that year, or the fact that the date I was on was so horrible.  It could be that I was angry that Ernie Hudson was so ill-used in the film, and that I later learned that most of the now-classic lines from the movie were originally his to say.  I forget now why I had an issue with the film; I just don’t remember it fondly.

Proton_Pack_01That said, I just about fell over myself when I saw that Anovos (yeah, the same company I’ve periodically complained about) is offering the Proton Pack for sale.  The $600 kit price tag (not including the cost for the electronics that go inside or the frame to support it) means that I will only admire this thing from afar, but still – it looks kind of cool!

While at Walmart, I saw that there are toy Proton Packs for kids based on the new film.  Interesting – and at $30 – a bit expensive, certainly for me, the non-fan.  I had a student years back who made these prop kits to supplement his income.  He showed me a video of one of them, but I was too stupid to ask him how much he charged.  I would have loved to have had him make one for me, though.

Instead, I settled on Mattel’s version of the Ecto-1 (at the top), a converted 1959 hearse/ambulance that was used in the first film (which again, I don’t like).  It’s a nicely made, albeit expensive (at $6) vehicle with bad wheels (one of which doesn’t even rotate, further cementing my hatred), but it’s light-years beyond what Mattel’s done thus far for Star Trek, with their overpriced version of the Enterprise (oh, don’t even get me started).

Okay, maybe I don’t hate Ghostbusters as much as I’ve claimed.  I did have issues with the film, and frankly, don’t get all of the current love for it, but it’s a harmless romp that’s provided us with some cool props that are now a part of our collective culture. 

Maybe I should see about getting  a copy and giving it another chance.


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