The Safety Dance

For some odd reason, I’ve been very into the Eighties.

To be fair, I wasn’t much into them when they were actually happening, but now . . . I don’t know.  It’s less of some sort of mid-life crisis and more like a kind of longing.  I wish that I could say that I miss the Eighties because back then everything made sense, but truthfully, virtually nothing made sense to me then.  Women, work, fashion, and music – it was all some bizarre mix of futurism and nonsense.  Oh, there were some good things to come out of the Eighties, mind you, but I have no clue as to what it is that’s making me think, “Gee, I wish those difficult years would make a second pass.”  No, sir – I don’t get it.

That said, I do have a soft spot in my heart for ’80s-era music.  I went to a used media shop, bought a dozen (or so) CDs filled with 1980s music, and pieced together a compilation disc that I use in the car.  Most genres (although, I honestly can’t stand country and western – but there’s a legitimate reason for that) are on the disc, from rock to rap to pop.  And while it’s not a comprehensive collection, there’s enough there to get me through the morning drive, should I opt to pop it in.  I’m surprised by how many places are now including ’80s music in their PA system tracks, too.  I love it.

But seriously – what was the Safety Dance?


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