In anticipation of this week’s heat, the Little Woman has gone off to spend time with friends.  Good friends, I should say, because they’ve got air conditioning and we don’t.  And what of moi, you ask?  Well . . .

I’m not going anywhere.  Oh, I was invited, and I’m sure that if I were to show up, I’d be accepted into the fold with little fanfare.  I’ve never been comfortable, however, in other people’s homes, so even if I did go, I’d be more anxious than I am already.  When I was a kid, my father had one rule for us (well, there were a lot of rules, but only one applies here), and that was to stay out of other people’s homes.

People don’t want their own kids running around their homes; they certainly don’t want someone else’s,” he’d say, and I took it to heart.  Not because I thought it fantastic advice, but rather because I had the kind of luck that if I so much as thought about going into the home of a friend, I’d break something and my folks would find out.  Yep – years of avoiding folks because of an unrealized fear.  Welcome to my world.

Honestly, it’s not that bad, though; goodness knows I’ve been through worse.  (Like how we were given winter-weight uniforms in the Army in the summer because no one thought to get us the lighter, summer-weight version.)  We get maybe three or four days a year where we hit 100ºF or higher, so it’s not that hard to make it through them if one pays attention to basic things – remaining hydrated, staying in the shade, opening the windows, and keeping physical activity to a minimum.  While I probably shouldn’t (for financial reasons), I may spend a good part of the day at the mall, window-shopping while I stay cool.  Only flaw with that plan is having to leave at some point, and let me tell you – there’s a huge shock to the system when you leave a room that’s 45ºF (or so), only to go out to where it’s over twice that.  Imagine walking into a baseball glove, because that’s the only thing to which I can compare the sensation.

The only real fear I have is that three times this evening, my lamp has flickered.  Other than my standard appliances, this computer and a desk fan, I’m not running anything else.  That flicker means that the electric grid is being taxed, and the more flickering that occurs the closer we are to a loss of powerNot good at all.  So I’m hoping that our power is steady for the next few days.  This weather system is supposed to break by Sunday, so keep your fingers crossed.

It goes without saying that if you’re in the affected parts of the US this week, that you should take five minutes to check on a neighbor, especially if they happen to be elderly or incapacitated in some way.  Having seen someone suffer from heat-stroke, I can tell you that it’s not pretty and can turn fatal very, very fast.

Honestly, after this week, I doubt that I’ll ever complain about days of sub-zero freezing temperatures ever again.


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