Summer is Coming

Remember how, after you’d done something bad as a kid, your mother would say, “Just you wait until your father comes home!”  How Mom would toss out that little dig to instill some serious anxiety in your world?  How you stared at the clock in mortal fear; each ‘tick’ was a reminder that Judgment Day was rapidly approaching for you and that there was no place to hide?  It’s High Noon and you’re on your own?

Yeah, that’s what waiting for a heatwave is like.

It was 75ºF when I awoke this morning.  An hour later, it had gone up almost five degrees.  Okay, I thought, bracing myself for a hot afternoon; I can do this.

But then there was a sudden, and unexpected, darkness.  I mean, almost black.  A crack of thunder and a few bolts of lightning followed, and then the Heavens opened up.  A good, cool rainfall with angry winds – I opened the windows and let it blow out all of the warm air.  It felt good, to be honest – not just for weather-reasons, but in general.  It was as if a lot of tension had finally come to a head and just had to be released.  Talk about a Godsend . . .

It’s mid-afternoon, and if Accuweather is to be believed, it’s about 87ºF right now.  I’m actually surprised, but the evening’s still young, as they say.  Temps hit their maximum around 6 pm, and – again, if Accuweather is on target – then it’s actually supposed to get warmer after sunset.  In fact, they’re saying that we’re looking at a mid-night low temp of 80ºF.  They’ve also pushed off the more devastating part of this cycle back to Sunday – good news, I think – but we’ll see.


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