Saturday Morning Musings

Yesterday was not the heat-fest that had been promised; that honor may go to today.  In any case, I still sweated myself silly, and experienced yet another humid and difficult night.  When I awoke today, it was 80ºF, but with the humidity factored in, it was about 86ºF.  That was at 7:15am.

So, I did the one thing that I actually hate doing on hot, muggy days – I took a shower.  Normally, I wait for evening when it’s cooler and (usually) less humid, but I failed to do my duty last night.  Seriously – I sat down to type a few notes and the next thing I know it’s nearly midnight.  I’d have fallen asleep in that shower, and from the looks of things, that might have been a pretty cool thing to do.  Well, as expected, even though I took a standard, hot shower, I was still cooler in a sealed bathroom with steam than I was when I finally emerged back into the house.  Oh well, at least I’m squeaky clean.

I’d mentioned a few days ago that the Little Woman is staying with friends until the heat passes.  Because of that, I’ve adjusted my day-to-day activities.  Cooking, obviously, is out of the question, but a man’s got to eat.  Thank goodness for the microwave!  Oddly, I’m not that hungry, so rather than forcing myself to eat at least three meals a day (as I’ve been known to do), I’ve only had two – sometimes, just one.  I don’t know; I do get a few potato chips here and there, or maybe even a couple of cookies.  In general, though, I’ve not had much of an appetite, and I don’t really notice that I haven’t eaten until about 7 pm.  Today, because I needed something to do, I made a small pot (c. 20 oz.) of coffee and prepared a “breakfast burrito.”  Ah, now that’s living!  Seriously, though – I doubt that I could handle much more right now, and the “burrito” – or what should have been called “a massive tortilla with a dabbling of egg and potato included” – was better than I’d expected.  The Little Woman wants to go out for lunch – her treat – so I’ll have to wait and see what that all entails.

Other areas of change – I don’t watch a lot of television on a good day, but I watch even less when the Little Woman’s not here.  I don’t know why that is, but I’ll put in an hour or two with the screen before calling it a day and heading to my desktop.  I don’t stream video, either – if I’m going to watch something, then it’s going to be on a television . There’s just not much worth watching.  I’ll look at Netflix once in a while, but I’m not a bandwagon person – I’m not going to binge watch something because Middle America loves it.  Not being contrarian; I just have funny tastes.  And while I’ve never seen shows like Orange is the New Black, or Making of a Murderer, I do know what they’re about, so I don’t feel like I’ve actually missed anything.

I also tend to avoid my phone.  This is a sore spot between the Little Woman and myself, as she lives by her phone and I’m the opposite.  She loves to text – which I’ll do in certain circumstances, but generally hate – and she has this weird gift where she calls me at the most inconvenient time.  Like when I’m merging from an on-ramp to the main lane on the Interstate, or when I’m just about to ring out in a checkout line.  I have friends that will end a call with, “I’ll talk to you later,” and “later” ends up being 18 months.  The Little Woman has gotten used to this, but it’s not been easy.  When she’s gone, it seems like it gets a bit worse.

Speaking of the Little Woman, she’s decided that today’s the day she’s coming home.  Normally, I would be happy, but given that the next few days are predicted to be more of the same, I don’t quite get why she’s in such a rush to return.  But, hopefully, the weather jockeys are all off and the next few days will be warm with no humidity.  All I can do is hope.

Something funny happened yesterday.  Well, not so much funny, as just . . . weird.  Two weeks ago, I went to Half Price Books and found two books that I’d been wanting for quite some time.  If you’re unfamiliar with HPB, they’re essentially a used bookstore chain with a pretty good selection and fairly decent pricing.  The gimmick is that most of the books, recorded media, games, etc., that they sell is offered at half of the original selling price.  I should own stock in the company, to be honest, as at least half of the twenty billion books I own were original obtained from HPB’s shelves.  (Yes, I have a lot of books.)  Anyway, both of these books were $15, and while I could have grabbed them, I opted instead to select the one I really wanted over the one that I’d like to have; gotta save money, you know.  I was pleased with that rationale, and still think that I made a proper decision.

One week ago, HPB sent out coupons to its e-mail subscribers.  These coupons are good for the week:  Monday and Tuesday’s coupon usually knocks 20% off; Wednesday and Thursday’s gives you 30% off; Friday and Saturday’s takes off 40%; and Sunday ends the sale with 50%.  Coupons are good only for the specified days, so if you snooze, you lose.

Well, I went back out to HPB on Tuesday, hoping to get the book I’d left behind, only to discover that it was gone.  No biggie, I thought; I had a chance to get it, I made a decision, and now I had to live with it.  Besides, if I waited, another copy might appear – or, get this radical thought – I could just buy it new at another store for $30 and be done with this nonsense.

That was over a week ago.  The sale is over and Thursday’s visit found a pleasant surprise: The book was back!  My guess is that the store was asked to put that title on reserve for a customer who never returned.  I was thrilled to see it, but again – money.  Yes, it’s just $15, but I started thinking – am I going to get to this book anytime soon?  Am I only buying it to say that I have it?  Will it languish on the shelf as a trophy of yet another literary conquest?  Ugh, I hate this.  I decided not to buy the book.  If it was there this long, it could wait a couple more days.  I needed to think.

You know where this is headed, don’t you?

On Friday, other business took me back out towards that HPB store.  Okay, this has to be a Divine sign – get the book!  Why else would I be in this part of town if that weren’t the message?  So I go . . . and it’s gone!  I stood there in shock.  Someone else picked it up in the twenty-four hours I needed to think!  Seriously?

Truthfully, I got a good laugh out of that.  I mean, I know that I wouldn’t buy it for any real use; I just wanted to say I had it.  Hopefully, the new owner will be able to use it.  Like I said, I can wait for another copy to appear, or I could just buy it new.

Well, it’s nearing 10 am and 90ºF.  If you’re in the affected hot zone, pay attention to your health!  Stay cool!

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