Thursday’s Storm

On Thursday's StormThursday, there was a brief moment where the heavens flirted with the idea of unleashing their wrath upon us with cool, soothing rain.  More of a tease, really, since what rain that did fall was short, quick, and to the point.  Oh, there was some cool air (for which I’m thankful), but it was short-lived.  Oh, so short-lived.

Anyway, whenever there’s a sudden and severe storm on the horizon, I do what everyone else does: I go outside to take photos, because why not?  What’s with this preoccupation with safety, anyway?  (I’m being sarcastic.Seriously, though, I don’t recommend going out once the show’s started, but in this case – before the lightning and thunder – we were treated to an ominous gathering of clouds.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I really like this photo, but I don’t know why.  This is one of six that I took, but it’s the only one that stands out for me.  For whatever reason, there’s something here to which I can relate.

Am I a bad person because I like storms?  I’ll need to ponder that . . .


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