Summer Days

I’ve not been able to write much this last week because the heat has made it near impossible to sit for any length of time without practically melting on the spot.  Today’s been better – infinitely better – than the last week, but it’s still pretty warm in the homestead.  The rest of the week sounds like it’s going to be nice.  I like that.

With the Little Woman engaged in her various projects, I find myself again trying to occupy my time.  That’s never good, because I tend to fall into a deep, deep rut – doing many of the same things again and again.  I’d like to finish some sewing, but with the heat . . . enough said.  So, I visit bookstores.  There are four that I consider critical, and I’ve been to one of them five times in the last seven days.  Another, three times during that same window, and two others only once, but that’s because of their distance from my home.  In other words, I’ve been to some of these places more than their regular employees.  I’ve visited a couple of malls, but I’ve no money to buy anything of note.  Day trips and travel are out of the question, too.  I guess that I’m just going to have to wait until the autumn semester starts.

Seriously, I’ve got to find something to do!

I have managed to squirrel away a little time (in the evenings), to read for pleasure.  I am happy to say that, after three decades, I have finally finished reading Alan Moore’s Watchmen.  If you don’t seem impressed by that, realize that I actually bought copies of this novel when they were being sold as individual chapters back in the mid-1980s.    I stopped mid-series because I just didn’t get it, and it seemed ridiculous to me.  But what did I know back then?  Like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, it was a story that I’d often tried to revisit, but never got very far after I’d started.  It seem like I’d always get to the same point and then boredom would set in; I’d quit and plan to read it some other day.

Well, I don’t have to say that any further.  It took ten days (all at night, mind you), but I finished that puppy, and I’m glad that I did.  I might write more about that later.  In some ways, themes raised in the book are still bouncing around in my head – definitely food for thought.  I should note that paying only $4.50 for a copy certainly helped.

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