It’s Almost Here

The last four days have been absolutely amazing, insofar as the weather is concerned.  It’s been cool, humid-free, and relaxing;  I wish that the entirety of summer had been this way, but it’s no big deal.  It’s pretty decent right now and I’m happy.

The fall term starts in two weeks, and while I’ve spent most of the summer preparing for it, I can’t say that I’m actually ready.  I don’t know why I stress over returning to work the way I do; I think this time is more problematic for me because so many of my favorite students have graduated and moved on with their lives.  A few remain (and I’m happy about that), but for the first time in a long time, my student rolls will be filled for the most part with new names and faces.  Just as soon as I get to know one group of students, I’m suddenly forced to know another.  Such is this life, I guess.

My real issue is that I’ve been expanding my classes.  I’ve been adding new material in some places, removing material in others, and generally streamlining my presentations.  My syllabi are finished, and my course calendar – a device I use to determine whether or not I’m behind in a class – is all set.  My clothes are at the dry cleaners, and I’ve even got my “office supplies” – tissues, air fresheners, hygienic wipes, and cookies – bagged and ready for Day One.  The only real burden I have right now is printing, seeing how my home printer is out of ink and the main office “community” printer is dead (RIP), I have to either judiciously make my prints, or pay for them out of pocket.  My office printer is not up to the task, so it seems like I’ll be laying out a few Hamiltons to get the job done.  I must confess that I’m surprised at how much of my own money I spend to do my job (with no repayment), but as I’ve said – such is this life.

That all said, I’m actually quite excited for the term.


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