In the Kitchen Again

Doing some cooking!

A local store makes chicken-filled ravioli, so I thought we’d give them a try.  I’ve had cheese and beef raviolis, but never with chicken, so I was curious.  And since the Little Woman loves ravioli regardless of filling, I knew that she’d love them, too.

So I prepared the ravioli as instructed on the package and while they cooked, I took out a jar of Prego Alfredo sauce.  They make one with bacon bits that I’ve become fond of, so that’s what was used.  I’m not a bacon fanatic, but I like the taste of it in this sauce.  Normally, I add things to my ravioli sauce – diced onions and green peppers, for example, but this time, I left it alone.  That proved to be a good decision, although now I’m wondering just how different it would have been if I’d added them.  Maybe next time.

The ravioli were very tasty, and the bacon-infused sauce gave it a subtle kick.  We had veggies on the side, along with slices of Texas Toast.  My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough for a second meal.  That’s fine because I have something else planned for today . . .



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