Another Sunday

It’s Sunday!

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling good today.  Which is surprising considering a few things – namely, that tomorrow’s Monday, and I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to bring my A-Game to class.  I’ve been tired, more so than usual, and I should just stay in bed.  At least I would, were it up to me.  But there will be a number of wasted days during winter – those days were I’d give almost anything to get out of the house – so I’m determined not to let this day be one of them.

The air is cool, the Sun is out, and for at least 12 hours, I have no major crisis over which to fret.  Life is good.

Although no one asked, I feel compelled to point out that I found some frozen grilled chicken breasts on sale the other day, so I’m preparing them in the Crock Pot.  I’d forgotten to take them out to thaw yesterday, and truthfully, I don’t like to bake chicken if at all possible (sometimes, it’s fine, but others – I’d rather avoid the dried brick it becomes).  These appeared to have some seasoning (or at least were grilled with some), so I haven’t added anything to the pot, save for a tablespoon of olive oil.  I might add some chopped onions and green peppers, but the goal is to keep it simple.  Afterwards, a choice: Mashed potatoes or rice?  I’m leaning towards the rice.  Maybe add some gravy, too . . .

I had one key event planned for the day, and that was to place an order with Anovos.  Yes, I’ve had so-so service from them in the past, but so has virtually everyone else who’s dealt with them.  Okay, I confess: I wanted the “Droid Caller” they’d crafted for their “Star Wars Han Solo” set.  It’s a milled aluminum replica that they’re ordinarily offering for $115 (plus about $16 shipping), but today it’s only $75 (plus shipping).  It just seemed kind of cool, and I’d been waiting all week for the one-day sale to arrive.  While I have a lot of their Star Trek related merchandise, I’ve got nothing from Anovos’ Star Wars line.  And I still don’t:  Apparently, they’ve sold out – there’s only a scant reference to it on their web page, and frankly, I can redirect the money towards something else that’s a tad more practical.  I’m not disappointed or angry; I’d probably have talked myself out of the purchase anyway.  It just kind of leaves a gap in the day’s “To Do” list.  Oh, well.

I recently learned that several former students – at least four, with a possible fifth – have all started writing fiction.  No clue in terms of their interests, but I think this is fantastic!  I’ve told them that I’d be happy to read or help, but it’s just amazing to me that this is happening.  And what really gets me is that a couple have contacted me (that’s how I learned about all of this) for reference help.  Talk about a humbling experience.  I hope to have more to say about this at some point.  At the same time, it’s got me thinking about my own thwarted writing career – the one I’ve mentioned here several times.  Perhaps I should stop watching other people race on by and get moving myself, eh?



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