Black Friday Blues

I rarely take advantage of the various Black Friday Weekend sales, but I decided to make an exception this year.  By accident, I discovered that a company whose products I’d been a fan of for a while, was offering some amazing one-time-only deals.  I mean products that normally go for $30 and $50 each being offered for as low as $4.  I was surprised, shocked, and intrigued; I wanted to get in on the deals, but I know myself too well: I’d spend $300 at the drop of a hat, and then spend the next six months crying about it.

After two days of mulling over my decision, I finally made a move.  This did not come easy for me: I checked Amazon and Ebay, mainly to see if the prices were truly outstanding (they were), and I made lists of what I wanted.  This is something I do quite often.  I make lists of what I’d get if money was no object.  Then, I whittle the list down, removing those things with which I could live without, or those that are just pointless.  I weigh them against each other – those that are essential versus those that aren’t.  I’ve gotten good at it, too: A list of 100 potential purchases will get shaved down to just 15 in a matter of minutes.

Well, I knocked my list down to just five items – total purchase price was about $35.  Shipping was another $12, so when all was said and done, I was out of less than $50.  In comparison, the merchandise I purchased was listed at $150, so I patted myself on the back and celebrated.  I’d done well, thank you very much, and I couldn’t wait for the Postal Service to drop off that box with all my nice, new goodies.

But . . . and there’s always a ‘but’ in these tales, after nearly ten days, I’d not heard from the company.  No tracking number, no update; just a ‘Thank you for your purchase,’ form e-mail that I’d received the day I’d place the order.  At first, I reasoned that with a sale of that magnitude, they had to have been swamped with orders; their shipping department must be in chaos at this point.  But it started to gnaw at me, and after a while, I broke down.  A quick e-mail was sent, and the only answer: ‘Thank you for your concern.’

I’m still clinging to the ‘madhouse’ theory.  My only concern is whether I’ll receive my merchandise before Christmas.  Still a possibility, but I’m trying to be realistic here.  I remember what happened last year when Christmas deliveries rolled around.  In the end, it is only fifty bucks, so . . . oh, well.

Tonight, I received another e-mail from the company.  I won’t paste it here, but in summary, it would seem that the ‘madhouse’ theory is now a proven fact.  They did apologize for the lack of communications, though.   As for an update, I was only told that it’s “pending.”  Their word, not mine.


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