Black Friday Blues – The Final Chapter?

Great balls of fire!

A few hours after my last post, I received an e-mail on my phone:

“Thank you for your order.
Your order has now been shipped.

Track your package online at
Tracking Number: . . . “

Is it true?  Will The Package That Will Never Arrive finally find its way to my doorstep, or is this yet another cruel prank pulled on a sweet-hearted guy?

With this note, it’d be easy to toss all caution to the wind and jump up and down with reckless abandon, and I have to admit that I’d seriously considered doing just that.  I wanted to call the Little Woman and scream into my phone that it’s coming!  “It’s finally coming!”  Meanwhile, I’d do a few dance moves that no one should ever be forced to witness all while I had some ‘Joker-like‘ smile on my face.

But I didn’t.

Mainly because, foolish me, went out last evening to liberate my auto from the two tons of snow that Nature deposited on it.  Part of that involved using a shovel, and . . . in the near twenty-four hours since, my chest has been hurting and my left shoulder has been dealing with a dull, but steady pain.  I’m not the most athletic person on Earth (or anywhere else, for that matter), but I do walk and take the stairs quite frequently.  I don’t think that I have heart issues, but I do take aspirin when things like this occur.  And I didn’t shovel that much – just a path around the car so that I could safely stand to clear the snow.  I’ve used more exertion taking out the trash, so I don’t get why I feel bad.  Worse, I didn’t have my aspirin with me earlier today, so I’ve had to deal with this all afternoon.

But back to the note . . .

Using the tracking number that I’d been sent, I confirmed that, yes – this is The Package That Will Never Arrive, and yes, it was turned over to UPS for delivery.  They’ve even told me when to expect delivery, so I’m pretty excited.  I’m still hearing horror stories about the experiences others have had, so while I’m thrilled that there’s finally some movement on my order, I do have moderate expectations.  So we’ll see.

On a different note, something weird happened to me today.  It’s not so much ‘weird’ as ‘unexpected,’ and it was of such a personal nature that I’m not sure I’ve processed it enough to explain it to others.  Let’s just say that someone surprised me – in a good way – and at present, it’s left me a bit speechless.



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