Eclipse Phase RPG Sale

(Consider this an FYI for those of you who are involved in sci-fi gaming.  I know it’s late in the day, but I just learned about this.)

Posthuman Studios, makers of the Eclipse Phase RPG, are having a sale that runs only today (1 January).  The entire line of digital Eclipse Phase products (bundle packs excluded) is on sale for 99¢ (USD).

According to their website:

“This includes the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, our latest release X-Risks, our fiction anthology After the Fall, the scum barge journey The Stars Our Destination, or any other of our other previous releases!


I’m feeling kind of stupid right about now because apparently, all but about four items from the Eclipse Phase system have apparently been available for free for years.  I bought the system during yesterday’s sale ($24 I really didn’t have), but I take comfort in knowing that A) I’ve financially supported a gaming company that’s producing a good product, and B) I have the four or so files that are not available on today’s link.

So it all kind of works out in the end, right?



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